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Management of the professionals

Master Professionals in Procurement and Supply (MPIPS) has been established as a focal point for all those involved in
procurement and supply management. Its main objective is "to bring together companies and individuals engaged in the profession of procurement and supply in its broadest sense", and “to promote co-operation and exchange of information to
develop procurement and supply professionals”. It achieves this via regular
communication at the Open Supply Chain Academy to which all members are entitled
to have their own individual entry. MPIPS also seeks to represent the interests of all those involved in procurement and supply, and of the industries in which it operates, to Government and other peripheral but influential parties. 

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By the Professionals


Within its membership, MPIPS can boast a vast breadth of experience and expertise in all aspects of procurement and supply,
and its associated supporting professions. These include specialists in such fields as commodity procurement, merchandising, logistics, shipping, manufacturing, services procurement and many more, who, in turn, have access to experts in their own respective fields. Hence, MPIPS provides industry with an
easy access point for all expertise related to procurement and supply.


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For the professionals


The MPIPS qualification syllabus has been constructed to meet the needs of tomorrows supply networks. It has been developed
with input from members and their companies around the world. The broad spectrum
of subjects covered ensures that students looking to become full members of the organisation have a thorough grounding of procurement and supply.




We don’t take applications - we take commitment



Procurement and supply professionals can be found in every organisation. Many start their career early and go on to contribute to their organisations success by achieving the five rights: Quality, Quantity, Time Place and Price. This is not the five rights of purchasing; this is a thorough examination of the procurement and supply function, its people and its processes. Members of Master Professionals In Procurement and Supply learn to manage and lead right from the start.


The new professionals learn from the best - current members who have proven their worth by securing supply, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and creating value. These individuals of distinction identify and apply the tools and techniques that shape the world of procurement and supply of tomorrow. They are all determined and dedicated stalwarts. They represent the most comprehensive range of sectors and industries creating the most diverse spectrum of procurement professionals in any association dedicated to procurement and supply.


From their expertise MPIPS have created a qualification syllabus that covers all aspects of procurement and supply. Students can study to a level that meets their needs, from associate to fellow. They can achieve full membership by completing the Professional Diploma. The syllabus includes classic tools and techniques such as Pareto, Kraljic, Kenton and ABC analysis, as well as the latest developments in procurement and supply including Supply Network Management, Synchronised Continuity Management and Total Supply Network mapping.